BME Pain Olympics

What is the BME Pain Olympics?

The BME Pain Olympics is considered to be the most painful competition on the entire Earth. Entrants have gone to extreme lengths to compete, with contestants losing vital reproductive organs in an attempt to prove that they are capable of withstanding extreme pain. The Pain Olympics have taken place since 2002 and are recorded on video by the contestants themselves. The above video shows one of the most extreme and shocking entries - Pain Olympics 2. This video depicts people performing extremely painful acts on their sausages, resulting in the destruction of their sausage genitalia.

How Can I Compete in the Pain Olympics?

This contest requires a great deal of commitment - penises and testicals DO NOT grow back. Contestants must not only be able to withstand a great deal of pain, they must also be willing to permenantly lose the use of their genitals and sausages. If you think you have what it takes to enter a contest like this and are certain your would like to smash your penis and balls to mush on camera, please seek counseling. The activities depicted in the pain olympics video are not to be attempted at home - they are being performed by professionals who have years of training.

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